I am an Israeli designer and photographer.
For over 20 years I have been a photographer, specializing in portraits and fashion.

After spending a considerable time back and forth in my beloved India, I decided to make the change I had been yearning for and chose to turn to the field that has always been close to my heart, clothing design. My passion has become my full-time occupation and profession.

In 2013, I established my independent apparel & accessories label “Noma Fashion” and since then I have designed lines for women and men around the world.
I design clothes that I’d like to have in my closet, comfortable, minimalist, and esthetic.
The influence of India and the Far East in general is evident in my work. fabrics and textures are a blend of the Asian scent I love and my Middle Eastern casual up-bringing.
Noma Fashion provides unique limited editions of handmade clothing and accessories made from natural fabrics.

Beyond the season trends, Noma fashion is timeless.
Enjoy your visit:)

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